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How a 2-year-old’s pain led to a big idea

How a 2-year-old’s pain led to a big idea
With one drop of blood, five minutes and the right financing, a Portuguese company revolutionises medical diagnostics. Read more

Our impact in 2016

Our impact in 2016
President Hoyer presented the EU bank’s 2016 activities and achievements and the strategic outlook for 2017 at the EIB’s annual press conference.

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Taxation: avoiding misuse of EIB Group operations

In view of recent developments in the area of taxation, the European Investment Bank Group has taken additional measures to enhance its procedures and practices aimed at avoiding EIB Group operations being misused for tax fraud, tax evasion, tax avoidance, aggressive tax planning, money laundering and financing of terrorism purposes.


Cooperation between Luxembourg and the EIB for innovative space projects

The Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and the European Investment Bank (EIB) today signed an Advisory Service Agreement in the context of Luxembourg’s initiative. The Luxembourg Government supports innovative R&D projects under this initiative, including direct investments in companies active in advanced space technologies with operations in the Grand Duchy.


Slovakia: supporting growth and employment

The European Investment Bank is lending EUR 50m to Všeobecná úverová banka to finance the investment projects and working capital needs of SMEs, midcaps and other private and public entities in Slovakia. EIB Vice-President Vazil Hudák commented: "This loan facility will fuel the competitiveness and productivity of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, one of the core engines of the Slovak economy."


Multi-million backing for new investments in Irish forestry

The European Investment Bank and Ireland Strategic Investment Fund have agreed to support EUR 112 million of new investment in privately owned forests across Ireland. This is the first Irish agricultural project supported by the Investment Plan for Europe. The EIB also confirmed a new EUR 90 million long-term loan to finance the cost of planting, forest management and forest road construction and maintenance by Ireland’s state-owned, commercial forestry company Coillte over the next four years.  




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